The Benefits Of Eating A Vegetarian Diet

The Benefits of Eating a Vegetarian Diet

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I have put together some benefits to eating a veggie diet and 4 video recipes for you to try out. As a previous meat eater and loved it might I add I decided back in December 2016 that I was going to try a month or eating like a Vegan. I have a diverse range of clients and I wanted to be able to help them as best I could so in order to understand better I said I would do what they do and eat the way they eat. My experiment lasted 3 weeks. I struggled. Being Vegan is tough if you do not know how to do it. You really need to be organised and planned and even though I thought I was organised I still struggled so in January 2017 I said I would try vegetarian for 30 days and see how I get on with that. I didn’t look back. Apart from a little speed wobble 8 months in where I reintroduced chicken for a while which I have since removed I am now thriving on a vegetarian diet (no meat, poultry, fish) that I simply started as an experiment is now my way of life.  Below I am going to take you through some of the benefits that I have noticed since changing my eating style.


Each year more and more people turn towards a plant-based diet. Whether it be only eating fish like a pescatrian, turning full vegan by eradicating all animal products or simply choosing to eat less meat throughout the week, there are many benefits to limiting your meat consumption. Being a vegetarian isn’t necessary for being healthy, but it can definitely help.


What types of plant-based diets are there?

There are now several variations on the standard vegetarian diet, allowing for a much more flexible and relaxed approach to eating.


Pescetarian: No meat, but will eat fish, dairy, and eggs.


Flexitarian: Someone who eats meat some of the time but tries to stick to a vegetarian diet. Most flexitarians will only eat meat once or twice per week.


Vegetarian: No meat or fish, but dairy and eggs are fine.


Vegan: No meat, fish, dairy, eggs, or animal products whatsoever. Most vegans will also refrain from wearing leather, silk, or fur.


What benefits are the of following a vegetarian diet?


The biggest and most obvious benefit for a vegetarian diet is that it increases your fruit and vegetable intake. Replacing the meat portion of your meals with vegetables means that you’ll be eating more fibre, vitamins and minerals as well as less calories. As well as this, many of the convenience foods are the same. This is extremely helpful for weight loss as the fibre increases the volume in your stomach, signalling to your brain that you’re full when you’ve eaten less calories than normal. The fibre also helps to keep regular bowel movements, leading to a reduced chance of bloating as well as more serious conditions such as colon cancer.


You’ll also experience less inflammation in the body due to poor quality animal meat. When it comes to animal products, the quality matters much more than with fruit and vegetables, so eliminating animal products completely avoids this problem altogether.


As well as this, you’ll also have a reduced carbon footprint. Animal production can be extremely inefficient, meaning that you’re not getting a lot of bang for your buck with farming. On the other hand, fruit and vegetables are much easier on the environment and can be produced in much larger quantities.


Something you might not have factored in is also the effect on your mood. Research has shown that vegetarians tend to score lower in tests that measure depression when compared to those who eat meat. This could be due to the fact that vegetarians tend to live a healthier lifestyle all around, but you have to start somewhere, and your diet is definitely a good place to begin.


Final Thoughts

You don’t need to take the full plunge into a vegetarian diet all at once. Instead you can try one of the many types of vegetarian diets to see which suits your lifestyle best. After a while you can transition your way further into a more complete vegetarian diet bit by bit.

If you want to try a vegetarian diet for just 10 days you can join my challenge by emailing: Email Me Here and putting Veggie Plan in the title.

Below I have included 4 veggie recipes for you to try out. I hope you enjoy.


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