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Tailored Online Coaching Plan

Ladies, we are all unique with different body types, different nutritional needs and different exercise requirements so why are you trying to do the exact same thing as everyone else?

It is time to focus on what YOUR body needs in order to get amazing results. This tailored coaching plan covers everything from your previous exercise and nutritional history to your current lifestyle and habits.

This 4 Week Tailored Program can be both home or gym based to suit your needs, ability and level of fitness.

  • Initial Consultation Form & Food Diary – It’s so important as your coach to get to know you better so the first thing you will do is complete your comprehensive consult form.
  • Skype Consultation – Yes I think that actually connecting with someone is so important for support, motivation, questions and getting to speak with a fully qualified Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Specialist.
  •  NUTRITION: We will work out your daily calorie needs (BMR) We will work out where your pitfalls are and what we can do to adjust or improve your current diet. Full nutritional support.
  • FITNESS APP: Once I complete your personal exercise and nutritional plan you will be sent a link to your email address to download MY personal coaching App, it is within this app you will see your workouts, meal plans and more. You can also DIRECT MESSAGE me straight from the App.
  • FACEBOOK: There is a private facebook group for anyone on this 4 week Phase 1 plan, even though you will be on different plans as they are all personally tailored to the individual this group is there to SUPPORT you, motivate you, inspire you (Optional, you do not need to be on Facebook or join the group)
  • LIVE WORKOUT: Best of all there will be a LIVE workout every Tues morning at 7am so you can even workout with me EVERY SINGLE WEEK. 

***Once purchased you will receive and email with your consultation form and further instructions within 24 hrs***

I have been there and done that to so not only am I speaking from over 14 years of qualifications I am also speaking from personal experience.

This amazing value 4 week tailored plan costs just €120 with so many added extras that are above and beyond the normal “Normal” online coaching plan like:

  • Skype Calls (1 at the start and 1 half way through)
  • Live Workouts – EVERY WEEK
  • My Personal Coaching App
  • Direct Message system to me
  • 24/7 access to guidance and support
  • Private & Confidential Support


***Please note*** This is not a MIRACLE plan, HOWEVER, I am 100% here to help you get results, it is up to you to adhere to the plan. I cannot do it for you.

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If you have any other questions before signing up please get in touch.

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