PERSONAL TRAINING  So you want to be become a personal trainer, that’s great. If that is what you really want then GO FOR IT. The amount of messages I get from people asking for advice on becoming a PT and what courses they should do
Empower Her “The Empower Programme is a new Female Entrepreneur Programme targeted at female entrepreneurs from Galway, Mayo and Roscommon. This programme plans to address specific challenges that hinder females and will help to fast track female-led businesses” This project is co-funded by the Irish Government and
Why I stopped following all social media Influencers for 6 months.   The online world is bizarre, we either love it or we hate it but no matter what, we cannot seem to get enough of it. We want to know what everyone else is
Living with Depression Dealing with depression and anxiety can leave you feeling exhausted. We are not selfish or looking for drama, we are just dealing with life in a different way than you are. It’s not an excuse, it’s about survival. What are we trying
Hi All, Motivation is linked to the questions you ask yourself so I have put together a list of the top 10 questions I get asked on a regular basis as a Health & Fitness Coach. I don’t hold back because there is no point