Why I stopped following online influencers

Why I stopped following all social media Influencers for 6 months.


The online world is bizarre, we either love it or we hate it but no matter what, we cannot seem to get enough of it. We want to know what everyone else is doing and who they are doing it with and what they are wearing while they are doing it. Obsessed. Did you know that there is on average 300 million photos uploaded to Facebook every day AND Facebook has more monthly active users than WhatsApp (500 million), Twitter (284 million) and Instagram (200 million)—combined. COMBINED.

We spend appox 20 minutes per day logged into Facebook but let’s be honest here, there are some of us out there that could spend hours just scrolling through our Facebook feeds and then popping over to Instagram and sure while you are there you’ll have a look at Insta-stories and then someone says they are doing something over on Snapchat so you better just pop over for a quick look in case you miss something. Agggghhhh!!! 4 hours later and you have just been CONSUMED by social media.

I like everyone else got sucked into the “what is happening in the online world” life and I started to LOSE MY OWN IDENTITY. I forgot who I was or what I even liked or enjoyed doing. I was swallowed by the giants in the fitness industry doing things like bikini body competitions, showing their abs and their glutes and their journeys to dropping excess body fat and of course the sexy I just woke up like this and sat on the floor so decided to take a picture of myself AMAZING looking women with the bodies of wonder woman and I just got SWALLOWED up in the WHY am I not like them doing what they are doing debacle. (for reference I know I am slagging above but I do respect anyone who is disciplined enough to do those competitions)

I realized that if I wanted to A. Stay sane and B. Find out who I was not just as a coach but as a person then I needed to for my own sake UNFOLLOW everyone.


I done a Social Media Influencer Detox. This was not because I didn’t like any particular influencer in fact I found some so amazing and motivating that it was in my own best interests to just switch off, put my head down and learn who I wanted to be WITHOUT seeing what anyone else was doing because we are all influenced whether you would like to admit it or not.

I personally found it to be such a fantastic way for me to understand myself better, to see the people around me and connect better with others without thinking “what would she say” or “what would he do” and to just learn more about what MY audience wanted. I learned more about where I wanted to go as a female entrepreneur in the Health & Fitness Industry and the direction I wanted to take my business in.

There are so many talented and hardworking female & male entrepreneurs out there and while I respect them I simply did not want to be influenced by what THEY where doing. It can be hard to look at yourself and ask the question: WHO ARE YOU? And WHAT MESSAGE DO YOU WANT TO SEND OUT? When you see others being successful in your chosen field and you question yourself: Should you change yourself to be more like that? The answer of course is no but when you get caught up in the noise in can be sometimes difficult to be yourself and be okay with that.

I think Women in particular have a hard time believing that they are good enough or that they are allowed to be successful, we seem to almost apologise for our achievements and can often feel like an imposter, like any minute now someone is going to call us out and the whole world is going to point and laugh at us.

This was a huge part of why I needed to step away from all ONLINE INFLUENCERS and take a look internally at myself to get to the bottom of those hard questions including: Are you willing to work hard? Are you passionate about what you do? Do you deserve to be successful however that success looks like to you? What type of fitness professional are you? What is your message?

If you can look at yourself and know who YOU are then you can actually start to view the online world in a very different light. I have started following and interacting again with others I respect and enjoy following online. I am damn sure I will be influenced again into buying something that I of course do not need but overall that 6 month influencer detox helped me learn more about who I was and not just as a fitness professional or business woman but as a person. The more you learn and can understand about yourself the more you will achieve in this life.

PS. I learned that I do not like avocados so I will NOT be influenced into buying them anymore and watching them going off.


Have you been through a social media detox of any kind? I would love to hear your thoughts?



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Michelle Malone

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