Hello & Welcome to the home of the CODE PINK ARMY Plan

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What’s included:

  • Exciting and fun to follow along exercise videos
  • Tutorials on exercise form, technique guides and videos
  • Home workouts
  • Gym workouts
  • Nutrition guidance and fat burning recipes
  • Meal Plans
  • Portion control guides
  • How to plan your own meals meal planner
  • Accountability & support
  • Direct access to me
  • Group access
  • Personal & private email support
  • Mindset & motivation guides/videos/workbooks

Do you want to change your approach to health and fitness and start getting the results you deserve? My plans are going to help you:

  • Lose Weight
  • Shape & Tone your entire body
  • Improve your overall health
  • Increase your energy
  • Boost your mood
  • Transform how you think about exercise and eating
  • Give you back that confidence in YOURSELF
  • Reduce your body fat
  • Give you the tools you need to succeed

My comprehensive online transformation programme uses proven training methods combined with the latest nutritional science.

Much more than just another diet & workout plan – The Code Pink Plan is a way of LIFE.

Start your journey like so many others with me TODAY.


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Start your journey to getting amazing results with my 3 phase workout and meal plans. Everything you need to lose weight, increase your fitness, improve self confidence and become the best version of YOU. 3 phases that will guarantee you get the results you have always wanted. Start your journey today to becoming a Code Pink Army Member and reap the benefits of mind and body transformation like so many others have done before you. It’s time to get results.

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    € 45  

    • Stage 1 for beginners
    • Full Body Workouts
    • Nutrition Basics/Meal Plans
    • Mindset Building
    • Lose Weight / Drop Body Fat
    • Ditch The Diet – Recipe Book with over 100 recipes
    • Follow along workouts
    • Structured Meal Plans
    • Family Friendly Recipes
    • Complete at home in your own time

    € 45  

    • Take control of your Results
    • Tone and Sculpt your Full Body
    • Target Specific Areas – Stomach/Glutes/Legs
    • Meal Plans & Recipes
    • Nutrition Essentials: What are Macros & should you count them?
    • How to stay Motivated
    • Plan and track your progress
    • Home Workout Videos
    • Gym workout for intermediate gym users
    • Amazing meals made easy with my bonus Recipe book

    € 65  

    • Lose Weight
    • Fit amazingly into your clothes
    • Drop inches and sculpt those Abs
    • Meal Plans
    • How to avoid the Yo-Yo diet and KEEP your results
    • Structured workouts
    • Workout Videos
    • Complete at Home in YOUR own time
    • Change your mindset – Change your life
    • Family Friendly Recipes

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Shelly, I have Questions - FAQs

Do I need equipment and where can I do the workouts?

There are 2 Workout Options:

  1. At home with NO equipment – Follow along video workout
  2. At the Gym – Video demos included for exercises

(Both Home & Gym Workouts are based on Beginner to early Intermediate levels so if you are just starting or if you have been out of action for a while and want to get back on the band wagon then this is perfect)

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How long will they take and how many workouts do I have to do?

HOME workout will take no longer than 30 minutes (Minimum 3 times per week – if you have more time do more)

GYM workouts will take no longer than 45 mins (Minimum 3 times per week – if you have more time do more)

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Is this a very restrictive meal plan?

No, this plan includes an educational section on nutrition which shows you how to tailor a nutrition plan to your own needs and goals. I also include plenty of tasty recipes that are simple and easy to make and best of all family friendly. You will simply learn how to plan your meals and cook good food properly.

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Will I need to calculate Macros?


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Will I have need to take supplements?

No, you do not have to take supplements unless you are lacking something in your diet, lifestyle.

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Is there support included?

Yes, there are 2 options here, you can join the private Facebook group but if you prefer to not join Facebook you can email me directly with any questions you have.

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I do shift work will this work for me?

Yes, this plan is ideal for someone who has a busy schedule and cannot commit to specific times or dates, these workouts can be done in your own free time so you will always be able to work around YOUR schedule.

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What type of results can I expect?

This depends on the type of results you are after and how disciplined you are with sticking to the plan. On average there has been an 8lb weight loss drop and 2 dress size drop from completion of my previous plans.

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Can I drink alcohol while following this plan?

Naturally it is better for you to abstain from alcohol so if you decide you cannot go without it then you need to factor this into your weekly forecast plan.

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What if I want to keep going after the 28 days?

This is only my Code Pink PHASE ONE Bikini Body group online plan. There will be a follow-on plan for everyone that completes this phase 1 plan. Watch this space for phase 2 and 3……

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If you have any other questions before signing up please get in touch.

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