Motivation – How Do I get Some?

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Motivation is linked to the questions you ask yourself so I have put together a list of the top 10 questions I get asked on a regular basis as a Health & Fitness Coach. I don’t hold back because there is no point dancing around the truth, sometimes you just need to hear it. If you have any questions just follow me on Snapchat: thatssoshelly but because I get them so often I decided to write a blog on it. I hope you find some of these answers and tips useful but if you have a question that you want a specific answer to then get in touch to ask me in private by dropping me a message using the link below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Q1. How do I get rid of my belly & get Abs?

 Your body is defined in the kitchen & shaped in the gym. All the crunches in the world won’t do anything to help you see your Abs if you are overeating on good or bad foods. ALL food effects your body in either a positive or negative way so in order to ‘Get rid of your belly’ you absolutely MUST clean out your presses and re stock them with a good source of protein, Fats & carbs.

Q2. My husband/wife/partner/kids won’t eat that kind of food? 

Taking any allergies or medical reasons and putting them to one side I’m going to give you some advice my Mother gave me. If you don’t eat your dinner you can starve.! Hmmm. Broccoli it is so. Now I’m not talking about force feeding your family but if it’s easy to say no then they will. These changes will take time & lots of patience and complete commitment from you but wouldn’t you rather a few weeks of frustration trying to increase the health of your family than a lifetime of bad foods, indigestion problems, IBS, tiredness, mood swings, yes mood swings and all the other health factors that are linked to a bad diet.

 Q3. I don’t have time to cook?

Emmmm. K.! So you didn’t actually eat PRE starting a new healthy eating plan or you lived on takeaways so you didn’t have to cook? OK that may seem harsh but all you are doing is changing the foods you cook, yes it takes more planning and a bit of organisation but that is just at the beginning, when you get used to it (and start feeling amazing) You will actually start saving yourself time, Yep! It’s true, the more planned you are the better, it saves any I’ve nothing in the house let’s order a takeaway moments. It removes all excuses & you can cook a meal that last for 2 or 3 days #timesaver it may mean 1 or 2 evenings a week you are in the kitchen longer but you will save time on the other days. Stop taking the lazy option and get organised.

 Q4. I don’t have time to exercise or fit them all in?

OK, think about this: What time do you get up at each morning & what time do you go to bed at? I bet that if you kept a log of everything you did between those times you would see a gap where you could have ‘fit in’ a workout. What about lunch time? What about before work (yes it takes an effort to get up early to do it) what about before dinner? What about after the kids bedtime? Yes this is an effort and all you want to do is chill out after a busy day BUT your body will thank you for it, in fact you will increase your energy. What about when your watching TV? Sorry to say it but if you want to do it you will find the time.


Q5. I’m a really picky or plain eater?

Eh, brilliant, this should work to your advantage not disadvantage, eating plain unprocessed foods is exactly what you should be doing. Plain does not have to mean tasteless, you can jazz up any dish with herbs and spices and there is so many to choose from there is no way you don’t like them all, you just have to try them out to see what works best in your diet. If you don’t eat lots of fresh green veg as most people don’t whether they like them or not start taking a good green supplement to increase your veg intake, if you don’t eat fish there is supplements for them too, of course it is better to get them from your food but if you can’t then get your hands on these great supplements. You will need to be more creative because you are a plain eater and add variety to your daily meals again this takes planning but will be worth it when you have a wider variety of meals to choose from. Remember, if you continue to do the same thing then don’t expect a different result.

 Q6. I am not able to drink 2 or 3 liters of water every day?

This is a frustrating one because yes you will be running to the loo every 5 minutes but think of all the extra steps you will be doing 🙂 You and most others are walking around in a dehydrated state most of the time because your body is not hydrated, let me explain, your body NEEDS water EVERYDAY, to help your body function at it’s maximum it needs to be hydrated, your brain needs water, your skin needs water, your digestive system needs water, your muscles need water YOU need water. Water helps to flush toxins from your body, it helps to keep you energised and helps you to feel fuller for longer and sometimes when you have that feeling of hunger you are actually just thirsty. Set yourself a daily goal of having 2 litres of water drank by 6pm every day, do this on a consistent basis over 4 weeks and you WILL notice a massive difference in yourself.

 Q.7 I want to lose weight?

This may seem like an obvious question with an obvious answer but weight loss can vary for everyone, it does have a common denominator in that good food with regular activity is the best and healthiest way to achieve this but…. What are you willing to change? If you start to exercise but continue to eat the same way you used to you will not get results long term. If you complete a workout and think ‘I’l have that biscuit now because I did a workout’ you will not get results long term. If you are not willing to make changes in your current routine or habits you will not get results long term. If you spend 2 hours in the gym 4 times a week but barley break a sweat or challenge your body in your workout you will not get results long term. You have to ask yourself that question: What are you willing to change? Are you committed long term or is it a quick fix you are looking for? Do you want to make it a habit? Do you want to learn to love it? What are you willing to change? Need help? Join my plan here: Phase 2 Plan

Q8. Can eat out on a diet? 

Ideally you cook your own food 80/90% of the time, this way you know what ingredients are going into your meals but Yes you can eat out, this does not mean you have to have a starter, main, dessert and 5 glasses of wine. When choosing your meal ask the waiter to leave the sauce on the side, ask for an extra serving of veg, ask if they have sweet potato or brown rice, ask if they can grill instead of fry your food. It is your body and you decide what goes into it. 99.9% of the time restaurants are very accommodating and if the food is good you won’t need the extra sauces to add to your meals & just in case you are wondering the likes of coleslaw & potato salad are not a good option.

 Q9. I have lost my motivation? 

Where did you leave it?!! OK it’s not easy to stay motivated ALL of the time, there is nobody on this planet that is super motivated every single day day in day out 365 days of the year. Now that you know this ask yourself, have you lost motivation or are your excuses shouting a little louder than your goals at the moment? Have you set a goal? Have you taken the time to sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and written your goal/target down because of course you are going to lose motivation but if you don’t have a set goal written down that you are working towards how are you going to quiet those excuses that are going on in your head? If you don’t take the time to sit and decide upon ‘your’ goals how could you stick to it long term? Setting yourself up for success this is so important when starting anything new, we are all going to face challenges, bad days, great days, speed bumps, bad news, brilliant news and so on and some days our excuses are bigger than our goals and vice versa but believe me, if you do not know your ‘WHY’ your excuses will eventually win out.

 Q10. I just don’t know where to start I am so unfit?

Firstly, turn the heat down on that pressure cooker, the most important thing is that you WANT TO start, getting into the right frame of mind is something that has to happen in order for you to succeed long term. Sometimes the timing is just not right or you start something but only commit 60% and get pissed off with the results and revert back to your own ways, this means your head was not in it and that is ok (if you don’t beat yourself up about it that is) My advice is like the last question, know your ‘Why’ why do you want to change, why do you want to start, why do you want to get active and your main reasons has to be because ‘YOU’ want to for ‘YOU’ external factors will cheer you on for so long but if it’s not for ‘YOU’ you will not stick to it long term (notice how everything should be viewed on a long term basis) Start by writing down what you want to do, what you want to achieve and who can help you get their, in other words make SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) example: I want to run a 5km race by October 24th OR I want to lose 2 stone by June 2019 or I want to feel confident using a Gym, once you are clear about what your goals are you can make a better decision on what to do next. For example, should you join a class, hire a PT, do an online plan, join a running club ect…  Or should you just start going for a 30 minute walk 4 times a week?

These are the common question that I get asked and I really hope that the answers provided will has help you find your way. Health & Fitness is a journey and one that should be enjoyed not loathed so find something you like to do and do lot’s of it.

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