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So I started with that’s so shelly fitness way back in October, before I started I was feeling down about my weight, the way I looked and feeling tired and just fed up, I’m a nurse and the hours are long, the sweets they are a plenty and my sweet tooth was crazy! I signed up to Shelly’s online plan and I have become a different person.

I see myself in a new light because I can physically see changes in my body that I never thought was possible, my energy levels are soaring I absolutely love the home/gym workouts as they suit all types of fitness and I have learnt to deal with my cravings and step away from the sweets at work. I have learnt so much about nutrition, the benefits of healthy fats and clean snacks, hydration, mindfulness and goal setting! And best of all the plan is so adapting to shift work!
Shelly’s excercise programmes I cannot praise enough, they push you to your limits and really help tone up EVERYWHERE!! I personally never met Shelly but that really shows how effective her online programme is and from our online Facebook group I can tell you that she is a driven, knowledgeable, keen, kind and an extremely resourceful individual who knows her stuff and thrives to get you the results you DESERVE!

I cannot thank her enough for taking me on this amazing journey I have a bit to go yet but I am certain with the help of Shelly’s programmes and determination I will hit my goal! Best of luck to all who will do the programmes.


I started training with Michelle around the end of May last summer. I wanted to get in shape for going to California on holiday. I did two sessions a week before I headed off in July. I was super impressed all my inches went down and the meal plan (I won’t call it a diet because it’s so realistic and easy to follow) was fantastic. All her recipes are so tasty and you really feel good eating the food! I returned & continued my training with Shelly but she didn’t just offer training she became a friend and counsellor to me too when I was going through a rough time.

She kept me motivated and kept me excited about working out when all I wanted to do was stop. After Christmas I decided to up my training and go three times a week with Shelly which (I know I keep saying it but it’s true every time!) made a huge difference my body shape started to change.
I began to attend her classes as well twice a week which I really enjoyed being part of a big group. Our sessions are never the same and I’m always being challenged! I’ve dropped over two sizes and I’ve never been this fit or toned! Everyone I know are commenting on how well I look!

My confidence has soared (I know it’s a bit shallow!) but my head is starting to get into a good space now and I am actually looking forward coming back from Thailand/Melbourne to start training again!! Anyone who knew me before this would laugh if they heard this!

I still have a bit to go before I reach my target but I never would have got this far without Michelle! I’ve never met such a sincere genuine and hard working woman and I’m so proud to call her not only my personal trainer but also my friend! Highly recommended!


Thanks Shelly for all your hard work, informed details and a great meal plan that helped me to begin my weightloss journey! She has a huge amount of knowledge on how the body works, what we need and fitness in general. I was very confident in her designing a plan that was personal to me and she knew exactly how to pushme and when! I’ve found a way to actually enjoy the gym, knowing that I’m using machines and equipment properly.

I saw some of Shelly’s results from other clients and I can safely say if I hadn’t come across That’s So Shelly when I did, I’m nearly sure I’d still be sitting on the couch with a packet of biscuits! I would happily recommend her to anyone


I First Heard Of So Shelly Fitness When I Attended An Event In Breaffy And Shelly Spoke Afterwards. I Was Really Impressed By What She Said And Her Programmesounded Like Something That Would Suit Me.
I Had Moved, Changed Jobs And Was Very Unsettled. As A Result I Had Put On Quite A Bit Of Weight. I Had Tried Classes In Another Gym But The Times Never Suited My Working Hours. So I Sent Shelly A Message And Never Looked Back.
Shelly Listened To Me And Asked Me What I Wanted From The Program And That’s Exactly The Results I Got. I’m Not Saying It Was A Walk In The Park. I Was Training Some Weeks 5 Times A Week But Then I Had A Goal And I Was Determined To Get There. It Was A Realistic Goal With A Realistic Time Frame. I Think That’s Where People Lose Motivation Having Unrealistic Expectations!!
We Met Weekly Where I Got Photos And Measurements Taken Along With A Chat Of How The Week Went. Then It Was Up To The Gym For Our Session. I Get My Workouts Updated Weekly On An App So I Know Exactly What To Do. I Do My Workouts In My Own Time With The Help Of Videos And I Can Plan My Times Around Work. I Even Have A Recipe Book So There Is No Eating The Same Boring Meal Day In Day Out. You Can Even Have The Odd Cheat Meal.
I Have Lost Inches Where I Didn’t Think I Could Loose Inches And Made A Really Good Friend In The Process!
I Have Now Reached My Goal But Am Determined To Keep It Up And Not Slip Back To My Old Ways.
I’ve Always Wanted A 6 Pack So Maybe Someday With The Help Of The Amazing Shelly I Might Find It 🙂
You Always Have To Have A Dream.


Like a lot of ladies my age, I have spent most of my adult life either starting a diet, trying to stay on a diet or throwing in the towel half-way through a diet and facing the fact that I was never going to have the ‘perfect’ body I desired. The problem all along was that it’s not about the body, it’s not about the scales – it’s about the head. This is what I’ve learnt since I met Shelly last November.

I was in a bad space in my head towards the end of last year. I had heard about Shelly from a friend and got in touch. When I first met her, I knew she understood where I was at and more importantly, where I wanted to get to. She has an incredible sense of the personal journey everyone is on – for me, my eating habits were controlling my life and my day revolved around meal-times. I had lost my control over food and had an unhealthy relationship with food. I had to change my mindset in order to change my life.

I started on the 10 week programme with Shelly last November and can safely say, it has been the best health and fitness programme I have ever done. I had great success in the past with Weight Watchers losing all the post-maternity fat but I got to my destiny without learning how to sustain the new habits once I had reached my goal. Consequently, I regained the weight and more. I have completed the 10 week programme with Shelly and yes, it’s great to be 15 pounds lighter but the benefits to my frame of mind reach far beyond the scales. I know I am creating healthier habits which are becoming the norm and am more aware when making my food choices.

I always enjoyed exercise and found it to be a great de-stressor. Shelly’s exercise programme is pitched to my level – just when I feel I have mastered the routine, she pushed the notch up a gear so I am constantly challenged and never bored with my routine. I have toned up and people have commented on my improved shape which is from following a structured, customised programme designed by Shelly.

I have signed up for a second 10 week programme with Shelly. The benefits I have experienced cannot be got by simply going on a diet – this is a life changing journey and I’m so glad I took that first step. I know I will reach my ultimate goal with Shelly’s help – a marathon is just loads of steps joined together; take the first one with Shelly and she will be with you every step of the way.


I completed an online plan with Shelly in the hopes of losing weight , getting fitter and eating healthier. The food plan was great and you know what you are eating for the week so you just need to have your ingredients bought and sometimes prepare meals ahead . The fact that some meals do for dinner and lunch the next day is great and also you can freeze most of them. My world has opened up to herbs and spices which add so much flavour.

I also attend shelly’s classes which I find great. My mind, body and soul have benefited from the whole experience, I lost over 17lbs have more energy and feel so much better about myself! The fact there’s someone there to message and give you encouragement is great, to give you a boost when you are having a ‘bad day’.

Can totally recommend that’s so Shelly fitness to anyone who wants to make real changes in their life.


I’ve been attending Shelly’s classes a few months now and to say they are enjoyable is an understatement. I also take part in her online nutrition and support group. These classes have given me a purpose outside family and commitments. I love the music and variety of exercises and I love the energy and fun that only Shelly can bring.


The Code Pink Plan came along at just the right time! When I was stressed and suffering from anxiety and decided I needed to make healthy changes both physical and mental. The food plan was so easy to follow. I learned so much about nutrition and what we eat/drink affects our mood. The exercise plan was clear with great videos to remind me of the moves and ensure I’m doing them correctly at home. The group support and online updates were a great motivation – I wasn’t alone!! The plan has instilled good habits in me that I’ll keep up. The elevated energy and mood has given me renewed confidence. This led to changes in career, healthier relationships and feeling better about myself. I’m a better support for others now that I’m in a good place! Clothes fit better too! Thank you so much. Your motivation and cheer are what make the programme a success!! Best wishes x


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